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We are a small family business so it's easy to treat our customers as close friends. After all we enjoy many of the same things. Our mask was not modified for off road but invented specifically for it. From it's unrestricted breathing to it's ease of use, and the comfort is unrivaled. Have a look at this video. Although the straps on the All Sport differ from the one in the video it shows how easy it is to use and they won't interfere with your goggles.

This go pro footage is from real ironman (solo) racers who use our product in races like The infamous Baja 1000 and Vegas to Reno. That's about as dusty as it gets.

Look for the Wolfsnout Pro Race hanging from the racers helmet as he exits the podium after his 23+ hour Vegas to Reno solo race, at the beginning of the video.

This video features both versions of the Wolfsnout, the All Sport and the Pro Race Series.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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