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Rough idle

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Hi guys, I have a new to me 2015 800r. It only has 260 miles. It has a bumpy idle. It bounces from 1100-1300rpm. While driving it runs great. The other night it threw an engine code p301, which is cylinder 1 misfire. I have since drained the old fuel refilled with fresh and added seafoam to the fuel. I also changed the sparkplugs. I've only put 10 miles on since new fuel plugs and seafoam. Still has a rough idle. Any ideas? Maybe let the seafoam run through it a bit more. I thought for sure it was bad fuel as it likely had only had 2 tanks of fuel through it in 5 yrs. Any ideas are welcome!
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Welcome to the forum from western NY. You can try checking the air filter. Possible coil issue. I’m sure someone else will jump in here with a little more knowledge. Good luck
Air filter is clean, I would hope there is no issue with coil yet as it only has 25hrs on it.. but you never know. I will clean the map sensor and see if that helps
Rough idle most of the time is the map. Hopefully you are a lucky one .
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So I cleaned the map sensor.. it almost had a grease film on it, thought for sure it was the culprit.. Also removed and cleaned the injectors. Still seems to bump from 1150-1300rpm while idling... it's a 2015 with only 25 hrs on it where should I be looking next?? Completely stumped. Runs great while under load and driving just has a bumpy idle.. any more ideas?? Starting to think theres a reason the guy unloaded a practically brand new machine!!
The only thing left is the ECU I think. I’m not sure if these are full of sensors or not. ie; crank, knock,ect.
I know, old thread. Same problem… any results?
Guessing you cleaned the map sensor already ?

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Guessing you cleaned the map sensor already ?
Yeah, changed it. Mesured anything possible all seems to be fine. Started doing it after rebuild.
I would check all the connections from the throttle body to the heads you may have a vacuum leak being it had everything apart for the rebuild . I would also check the cam timing to make sure both are still in time and that one isn’t a tooth out.

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Ive tryed it. Took it apart, rescrew, looking for leaks with throtle body cleaner. No luck. I made two videos, the second one is after hour of driving. It culd be something electrical, since when i pull realy hard i trip a red exclamation sign on the dash board.

Like you said, quite possible one tooth off.

Thx for the help

Cold start:

After a good hour or so:
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The cold start sounds little rough . But second video sound normal to me. But it is a video not the same as being there . My 16 XMR has always had a flutter cold even when new . But runs fine and all good when hot so I haven’t thought much about it . I know when at higher elevation it can cause rough idle and harder cold starts do to the lack of oxygen.

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