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Rear windscreen or solid rear windshield?

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'21 Commander XT-P, Full glass windshield and rear mesh screen, How bad am I going to get dusted? Would it be better to install a solid rear windshield?
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Just to say it, you will always have issues with dust unless you are wearing a fresh air tank and mask. But, in my experience I started with a solid windshield and a mesh screen, both Can Am OEM, it was tolerable. I added a solid rear screen screen and it creates a vacuum of dust in the cab that just sucks.
I've tried different types of DIY's to get a forced air setup for mostly the heat my Commander puts out, but for the dust as well. I think I am going to go half windshield and put the mesh back on this summer and keep my distance from the people in front of me and let the air flow straight through. And the mesh seems to be more for shade, stopping debris, and slightly slowing air flow. So your choice to use it or not
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