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New to me XT-P 1000R

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I bought the XT-P I was asking about and now doing the accessory thing.. So far i added the bed extender
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Automotive parking light Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
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From my experience... keep in mind that this is a 64" wide machine and be careful about too much heavy weight up high on rack as the CG can make the car a little tippy depending on what kind of riding you do.
Recommend that you keep your eye on the beadlock bolts and tighten to spec in Owners Manual about at least every 200 miles as Method recommends.
I also highly recommend the little side adjustable wind diverters.
I like the Can Am side mirrors that came on mine, However, the center rear view mirror is only good for mounting another mirror on it, as I did. (I do not know if it is standard XT-P or an option.)
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I also have the OEM splash guards on mine that are about 1 1/2" wide. Previous Owner had put on the big aftermarket ones, about 3 or 4" wider and I did not like so I took them off. If you or someone else is interested I would sell them reasonably priced. But would recommend the OEM guards if you get in any mud at all, and how do you ride these things without getting in some mud lol.
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