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First hard outing over the 4 day weekend I took after the harness & new tires were installed.

Holy hell the ride is so much better. I don't know if it's the System3 XTR370s I threw on, or that I'm strapped in using some harnesses instead of an auto-style shoulder seat belt. No raw rub on the necks hitting the big obstacles, no more weird handling through water & mud from the 2" difference between front & rear tires, no more squishy feeling hitting the high-speed dirt road chicanes. I felt much more confident driving the chicanes in 2WD - usually on the bighorns I'd keep it in 4H to pull me through the corners.

Mud? Not a problem with these. They dug right through the mud and grabbed the solid earth underneath. No problems with packed mud turning into slicks - Soon as the tires would spin they'd clear all the mud off them (and promptly onto us).

With the new tires, I gained almost 3" in overall height when measured from the top of the spare tire. Went from 75.5" to 78.5". Still enough to clear the toy hauler, I have about a palm's width of clearance from the top of the tire to the bunk.

Time will tell how the tires hold up with the mixed riding we do. So far, trail riding they rock. Next up will be the sandy river trails....

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