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2020 Commander 900 XT with top, windshield, windows, heater, and lightbar in Nome, Alaska.
We named our Commander Whistler because before we put the top on, she whistled.

Need help with an intermittent issue. It's been going on for a while. Today, driving on flat ground around 40 mph in 4wd I heard a loud clunk in the rear end (one loud clunk with no follow-up noise). Pulled over, switched to 2wd, continued driving, and heard the same clunk about a minute later. Slowed down, and heard the clunk again. (three clunks in about 8 miles). It sounds like a gear skipping a tooth in the diff or maybe a spline shaft skip or a chain skipping a tooth (are there any chains in there?). I searched the internet, and found a lot of clunk issues, but nothing like what we're experiencing. Not sure what key words to search for... clunk? pop?

Could this be caused by a dealer error during assembly? How to troubleshoot? What to look for? Thanks in advance!
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