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If you are up late check out and at 1am EST tonight.

Rumor has it the everything you want to know about the new Can-Am will be there.

I know, I shot the video.

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The Details Translated.........finally HERE!

Here's the translation

Wanting to use the title of the film by Peter Weir seem somewhat pretentious yet! Can-Am revisits its 2011 range in the range of Masters, the output of the 800 outlander "short" x-XC, a hiker who will surprise more than one, we'll see later! . But it is also and especially after two years of work in a difficult economic market, for which this challenge is one of the factors of economic recovery for BRP exit of the much anticipated Side By Side Vehicle Check "home": The COMMANDER 1000 XT and we think it was worth the wait! Until now, the segments utilities, utilities, recreational and sports entertainment had all found their SSV, with a nesting more or less in one or the other segments:

* With Kawasaki Mule, Polaris Ranger and largely occupy the segment of the utility
* Yamaha Rhino, Arctic-Cat Prowler occupy more of a recreational-utility segment
* The RZR 's Polaris holds up the basket on the segmentation of sports SSV

Now with the Checkout XT 1000 Can-Am tackles both sports-entertainment segment but also the utility segment. Is there a compromise between the RZR and Rhino? Wanting to meet all markets, Can-Am risk there to miss its segment? this is what we will discover throughout this trial

For information, the range is broken down into different models: Two Engines: 800 and 1000 cm3 three types of finish: Base, XT and X

France does not benefit this year than the 1000 XT version for reasons of approval. Eventually, (more or less a year) versions 800 and above Order 1000 X (sport version, larger receiving shocks Fox ...) should arrive.

1) The power tamed
With a Rotax V-twin (EFI) modeled on the basis of the Outlander, the command develops a capacity of 976 CC 85 HP DIN and SSV is one of the most powerful in its class.
Moreover, Can-Am has already mastered the technology used on both the Sea-Doo in terms of sealing and Spyder car electronics, in order to perfect the transmitted power:

1. 1 - the accelerator is equipped with electronic throttle control, (the system Ride-By-Wire already used by BMW in particular) that sends the signal directly without using a cable. This to avoid the shocks with a better calibration of the acceleration

2 - the key "Sport" is used to calibrate the way in which power will be distributed. When activating this button we will have a power curve slightly more linear than in idle mode. This position should be advantageous to use land more difficult hiking. It's a smoother ride of the vehicle.

3 - Presence of 3 keys that represent each, 3 types of use: The performance, normal use or work. The electronic signature of the key used, will be responsible for this speed limit. So you can deliver the type of desired key to the user designated. We see evil can be delivered as his partner rather than the normal key key sports though ..! But no it is not misplaced machismo! We just wanted to take an example! ... .. but also for a company, can provide workers with the right key. In contrast, the incorrigible stunned the key, for those who like us, seek the place where the key was raised last : rigor imposed or carried Plover key imperative. We also denote the presence of a "Start" button. It is in the air time in the automotive industry, and are any better than starting with the key

2) Vehicle Dynamic behavior
The vehicle that we have seen, deals with the segments 'sports' but also 'utility' must respond to appropriate behavior, and we need the vehicle to react quickly. For stability, the center of gravity has been lowered as all that constitutes the elements of vehicle load as the tank (38 l) under the passenger seat,

For the chassis: Commander tolerate a deflection of 154 nm. Up front, the wishbone and wheels 14 "gives it great traction and comfort. Absorbers Sachs are making 36mm adjustable spring preload, with the adjusted key.
The back has the same architecture as the Outlander 800. But unlike the latter, the stabilizer is apparent. It connects the two arms of suspensions. This bar may be removed very easily depending on the use of the vehicle (8 bolts to unscrew)
The rear shock must be adjusted according to the load placed in the dumpster. The latter, a maximum of 300 kg will require an adjustment of the preload to the last position.

Driving is a vehicle that responds perfectly to the demands of the engine, the enormous power released requires attention at all times in a sporty driving. The game suspensions Sachs advantage seems appropriate for a commercial fashion and entertainment. It will undoubtedly adopt other types of suspension for sporty driving. In fact we have been somewhat hampered by a lack of steering precision in the case of solicitation of major power
3) Convenient and comfortable vehicle
What strikes taking place in the vehicle is that it goes quite a comfortable car with, for example, most mechanical parts hidden

How we settle with which the vehicle was particularly good: It is height adjustable steering wheel, adjusting the seat depth (with a magnitude that will allow greater settle down without concern for knees on the handlebars) or the bucket seat slightly tilted in which we take up with some satisfaction

engineers have also paid much attention to the racks with

* The Dual Tipper Cargo ": a storage compartment under the truck with a capacity of 30 liters, ideal to house tools, drinks or a few regional dishes for the barbecue with friends. Note that the trunk can be locked
* A storage compartment under the pilot seat, with a capacity of 10 liters.

The seats are fully removable by simply pressing a lever and can thus serve as the seat outside the vehicle: a chair in the desert, around the barbecue or by the river .... had to think not?

Always practice with easy access to "technical maintenance center" that represent:

* Air box positioned on the top of the vehicle with an air intake at the same level. She was drawn into two compartments, as in the Outlander to further limit the risk of flooding engines.

* The air filter and coolant

Practice Finally, the presence of a rocker lever of the box positioned independently of each side of the vehicle.

4) Security: Master password specifications
We will meet at each point of order, this notion of security:

* The cage of the vehicle, made in reinforced steel tubes of 5cm was agreed "ROPS" We also found that certification in North America on RZR

* Safety nets with a single attachment point: Simply place the base between the thumb and index finger and the next clip in the loop. We would appreciate the technique that allows one hand to properly tension the net, and also carry out this operation in less time

* The extension of the body to protect the lower limbs but also prevent the leg out of the dongpit

* The clamping motor 16 km / h in the case or the seatbelt is not latched. We were able to check: in the case of non-compliance with the measure, do not even spend the slightest bump. The engine power is also constrained

* For the passenger, the presence of a handrail in front but also a handhold on the central portion of the vehicle. We will check this handle is actually useful in negotiating curves and other curves, in the case of a sporty drive

5) Accessories: a particularly neat and a very expanded range

The vehicle will be available during October-November in France, is already well equipped, especially with the winch of origin. but the Canadian firm has done extensive work for the equipment of the SSV. Thus the spotlight may be added, a rack before, a bumper, a radiator protector. But even a "Multi-Mount" which allows the assembly to the front and rear winch in seconds

In terms of protection from beneath the chassis, Can-Am has developed a protective aluminum plate, worked in the mass (seamless) thereby receive a greater resistance
All accessories have been developed in collaboration with the engineering to allow for easy maintenance. Thus the front cover out slightly without touching props. It is the same for the shield that allows different garbage without having to unbolt the plate

At the cage are 3 different windshields: the half windshield, the windshield but also a full windshield treated with a coating that will allow competitors to be able to lend a glove to wipe the window without fearing the risk of scratches.
In short no less than 52 accessories are available point outside the vehicle: fox shocks, the Hi-Fi, through the nets, and other bumpers and a working group is now poised to come out 41 new accessories ...

We do not like:

* The loss of precision driving at a high load of the engine power. An adjustable dampers should improve significantly this defect. but he had struggled at times this sandy soil in order to retain the mastery of the beast. Definitely ORDER 1000 XT is definitely not put in any hands. This machine is offered in 2 versions of the 800 cm3 engine which (as we have not in France at the moment for reasons of approval) and I confess to having fun with the advantage of Order 800 of such field
* The presence of 3 keys. But it is bad behavior on our part rather than a poor job of technicians! bah so every morning is a fight to recover the key then filed the day before ... 3! In contrast to what we assimilate the compulsion that will surely not in the case of multiple drivers and a Commercial
* The presence of the exhaust near the chest protector of the drive. Even if the belt does not break, we must consider the possibility. And in this case, either you will have protective gloves against heat, or you must wait until the pot cool before considering any change operation

We liked in order of importance:

* The usability: You take a seat in this vehicle without any gene. The different settings (seats and steering wheel) you can tailor the driving position while the net and seat belt interlock or stand out quickly and without any difficulty.
* The power and torque. It takes time to adapt to succeed in taming the beast. While the pedal delivers the speed you want to impose, the 75 hp of the monster is spreading rapidly, and mistakes are driving pay cash. However, once the grip achieved, the cat known to be very efficient and very pleasant flight. . We were really impressed by this engine response and the combination of key "sports" a more aggressive driving
* Moreover, in conduct "hike" is a real toy that will fully meet all the requests. We have never been caught out on rough terrain. ORDER has the behavior frank
* Sound design: a well proportioned and the "mouth" of Renegade gives it a sporty look that is not displeasing to us. Yellow is a color family and we prefer this colori then there are also red (not marketed in France)
* The line of accessories for it fits perfectly to the vehicle, both in terms of technology: the case of the winch (rear or front) or in terms of aesthetics is the case of roofs. Much work has been done by Canadian engineers on this
* The little "tricks" Can-Am +: The seat will come off quickly to serve as a foundation, the presence of lateral grip of the handle for the passenger, folding (closing) in the bucket

Technical data:

Bore and stroke 976 cc 2 cyl. V, liquid-cooled, Single camshaft (SOHC), 8 valves (4 per cylinder)
Bore and stroke 91 x 75 mm
Power System iTCMC with EFI and housing Butterfly 54mm, 2 ∞ Siemens VDO injectors
Electric Start
Transmission CVT, sub-transmission with high and low, park, neutral and reverse movement Brake Series Motor
Training Gear Selector mode 2 x 4 / 4 x 4 shaft driven with Visco-Lok differential


Steel Frame
Cage Diameter 51mm (2 inches), high strength steel, Cage approved ROPS
Volatility adjustment Adjustable tilt
Suspension Front / Shock Double A-arm with control of the dive / Shock type of motion control
Front travel 254 mm (10 in.)
Arrears Suspension / Shock TTI (Trailing Torsional Independent arm) with stabilizer bar external / Shock type of motion control
Rear travel 254 mm (10 in.)
Two disc brakes front ventilated 214 mm with 2-piston hydraulic caliper
Rear disc brakes with 214mm ventilated, the caliper 2-piston hydraulic
Black Rock before Carlisle Tire 686 x 229 x 305mm 27 x 9 x 12
Arrears Carlisle Tire Black Rock 686 x 229 x 305mm 27 x 9 x 12 inches


LxWxH 3004 x 1489 x 1829 mm
Wheelbase 1925 mm
Ground Clearance 279 mm
Dry Weight 587 Kg
Towing Capacity 680 Kgs
Interior storage has glove boxes: 17.2 L (4.5 gal) under the driver's seat: 13.1 L (3.5 gal)
Tank capacity 37.8 liters


Instrumentation Multi-function gauge: Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip odometer, trip, hour meter, fuel gauge, gear position speed Sport mode indicator, flag belt 4 x 4 indicator, diagnostics, automatic stop after 15 minutes
Theft D.E.S.S. (Digitally Encoded Security System
Electric System Prewired for winch
Lighting has four lights showing high density (60 W) with rear brake light
DC jack type cigarette lighter, REAR standard connector (15A)

BRP WARRANTY 2years France


• Winch BRP XL 4000 with guide rollers for cable, wired remote control and remote storage integrated

• Wheels 14 "aluminum pan

• Tires Maxxis Bighorn 2.0

• sturdy front bumper

• Frame rail cash

• Fenders

• Instrumentation analog / digital multifunction display with

• Steering customizes core with brushed aluminum

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We will have all the details and specs of the Can-Am Commander released tonight on the front page!

Stay Tuned!!
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