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Just picked up the new commander max 4 seater a couple weeks ago. I am in the progress of making it street legal. Of course seeing that it is so new there are no parts available for it yet. Some are the same as the 2 seater so those work. Which is great because I still have my 2 seater commander that I can steal some parts off of.
Has anyone had to extend the back wires on the BRP signal kit? I am going to have to considering there are not any available for the 4 seater yet. I talked to BRP and they said it will be coming out but not sure when. I don't want to wait so I went ahead and purchased the BRP signal kit for the commander and figured I would just need to extend the wires. Seems simple but I figured I ask the forum if anyone has done it yet. I'm sure they are the same for the maverick 4 seater and the commander max.
Any help would be appreciated.
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