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Hi all,

Ive been working on installing a clutch kit and 1650 engagement spring on my 2012 commander. I have a few questions before i go ahead and put the cover back on. I just want to double check since everything is easily accessible.

1. Should i be using loctite or threadlocker on any of the bolts/nuts. Im specifically wondering about the weight pins on the clutch and secondary clutch bolt
2. what is the proper procedure to tighten the secondary clutch bolt. I used the belt removal bolt and a pry bar to keep it from spinning while i tightened it down, but eventually the input shaft started spinning instead.
3. How can i be 100% sure the secondary contacted the helix correctly as i tightened down. does it just kind of go into place as its tightened? I know for sure the helix was seated on the input shaft of the trans all the way.
4. how much of a problem are flat/sticky rollers. Some of my rollers have noticeable flat spots. I also noticed some were sticky, being held from rolling by what i believe is either belt debris or plastic debris. I cleaned them best i could and got them freely moving again, but they definitely need to be replace at some point. Just curious how much its hurting performance.
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