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Interior panel clips

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I love my CAN AM Commander, but one thing that's a pain in the butt is removing all the panels every time I do something simple like changing the oil. Removing all those little clips that are easy to lose or get mangled. Last year i went to Can Am to get a bag of replacement clips and they were stupid expensive so I didn't buy them. I had a bag of similar clips that were for my Honda SUV, but they didn't quite work.

Has anybody found a place to buy replacement clips for cheap?

1 - 15 of 15 Posts and they make a tool just for removing those darts.
That’s pretty cool. I have a small panel tool that I use and it was more than $10.
Looks like a HF item?
Yes just one of many places . HF has a two pack curved and straight .
I took a cheap pair of needle nose pliers, ground the tip down until it’s the same diameter as the pushpin head. Then ground a small groove inside of the jaws close to the end. About 1/16” from the end and 1/16” deep. Works great.
Also eBay has the pins. 100pk/ $15.00
I have a 2014 commander 800. Digital readout on dash reads"NanceRE" what does it mean. Should I be concerned
When does it show up? Is check engine light on?

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If you just got the buggy, that was programmed in before you got it. That is your new nickname. I would be concerned, especially if it is a misspelling of Nancey. I hate when people call me name is Gretchen.
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Yup. Prior owner name or whatever they wanted programmed in.
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