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My glove box will not stay closed!!! It does fine till you hit a bump then it’ll pop open. It almost acts like it’s missing a spring to hold tension on the handle. I know this is a minor issue but it is driving my crazy!!!!
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Check the lip on the latch make sure it hasn’t worn down .

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Cut a couple inch long piece of appropriate diameter fuel line. Stick it into the blank space where the latch hinges when you open the glove box. It will act as a spring to keep the latched closed. And it won’t fall out because of the pressure.

Mine just started popping open a year or so ago and it’s been fine since that two minute fix.

I’ll try and take a picture in the morning. And see what size hose it is.
Ok. It’s heater hose - appears roughly 1/2 inside diameter and 7/8 outside. Here’s the pics.

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