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The 2016 Commander I bought came with this plow and I want to install the limit switch for the winch so I bought the wiring kit but it doesn't show where or how to mount the limit switch on a Commander.

I've see Boogerhead's pics of how he mounted the magnet on the plow but my question is do I mount the limit switch on the top side of the metal which is behind the plastic? Does that mean I have to remove the bumper, fairlead to take the plastic "skid plate" off to get to the place to mount the limit switch?

Looking at the pic the limit switch goes up above the metal in the location shown in yellow in this pic? I need to remove the whole front plastic part to do this or?
The limit switch will still pickup the magnet through the metal frame?

If anyone has instructions on how to mount this thing they could send me that would be great!

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