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I have hesitated putting this on here because it’s not store bought and I’m still messing with it.
I’m retired and pinch every penny so in an effort to handle the heat and not spend money I came up with this and it works.
Took a old light weight bed spread cut to fit folded edges to back side and duct tape down.
I had a heave plastic bag that some new sheets came in and cut into two pieces, overlapping by one inch in middle for shifter.
I used orange electric tape to highlight shift positions so I can see them.

My intentions are to make another with better looking material and find someone to sew it for me, I’d like to make it washable so maybe make the plastic Velcro or snap in

Not trying to start a product and only showing thinking someone else might want to try it
I have used this two summers and it really works, after everything heats up you can feel a light warm coming thru but not much. I also think someone who sews could actually put a cup holder liner in it.

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