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I started a thread on this forum a while back trying to identify the roof I have on a used Commander I purchased but was not able to locate the manufacturer. It looks like a Pro Box but I reached out to them to verify and they confirmed it is not one of theirs. I do not know the manufacturer but I am trying to sell it anyway as it sits too low and I hit my head whenever I go over a bump (I'm 6'-1" tall).

The roof has a 32" light bar on front and two 12" lights at the rear. It has 4 speakers plus a sub and amp and the stereo is Bluetooth enabled. everything is in working order.

I have listed the roof on facebook marketplace as well as craigslist locally but thought I would list it here also. Being as big and heavy as it is shipping is out of the question but I am located in Rowlett Texas (northeast of Dallas) if there was an interest for someone to come pick it up, or I could possibly be talked into meeting somewhere for delivery if payment was made up front.

I have attached here some pictures of the roof as well as links to my other listings. As I can't identify the manufacturer I am asking $1500 since similar products seem to be going for $2500-$5000 else ware.

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