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  1. Commander 1000 low wont engage.

    Commander General Discussion
    My 15 commander 1000 wont engage into low the shifter moves fine and works in H/R and all else.
  2. Transmission problem

    Commander 1000
    Please help me troubleshoot my stock 2014 Can Am Commander Max 1000 DPS. It has about 4500 miles on it and no issues with the primary or secondary clutch. On level ground it shifts fine into and out of all gears. When on an incline it gets stuck in low. It shifts fine out of high gear in all...
  3. New commander owner

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Hi I am the the owner of new to me 2011 commander 800 got a steel of a price on it at 2500 but as usuall with a cheap price comes some work I've got most of it sorted out runs and drives good got new tires wheels 4 point harness adding a stereo and a roof that I will be fabing on my own but not...
  4. Front drive shaft removal problems

    Commander General Discussion
    I am currently attempting to replace my gear box. In order to do that without taking the whole engine out I am trying to move the whole engine forward. I already have everything disconnected besides the driveshafts. I took the bolt of of the u joint on the front driveshaft but I still can't...
  5. 2011 commander 1000 stuck in low???

    Commander General Discussion
    Hey new guy here. Bought a 2011 commander a few weeks ago. Seems to me that it is stuck in low gear even when the shifter is in high. Still can put in reverse and park. When in neutral sounds like it is trying to slip into gear when revved up. Tried moving the shifter in between neutral and...
  6. Mud mud and more mud

    Commander 1000
    Ok, guess what...I went mud'n. It got everywhere. Here's the problem. Start the commander in park, I can into reverse then the shifter gets stiff. If I do get into High, the engine revs up but no movement. If I shut it off, put the shifter in high then start the engine it seems to work but won't...
  7. Help: Transmission Signal Error

    Commander General Discussion
    Over the weekend i noted engine light with message "check engine Transmission Signal Error", I was in low range, pulled over put it in park. Turned off the engine, let sit for a minute, restarted light was off. Ran in high range no problem, put it back in low same message and light came back...
  8. 2012 new Commander owner

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Thought I would enter my two cents on what I have learned about the Commander XT that I have owned about 1 week. Decided on this machine because other brands didn't have enough power to get up a steep road to my cabin and because of the cargo area. I like the bright yellow because I got tired of...
  9. Blown Transmission

    Commander General Discussion
    UPDATE: NOT a Blown Transmission Just got back from a trip to Glamis, left early due to what I am assuming is a blown transmission. I was on my way to the drags from the washes and about 2-3 miles deep in the big dunes behind Olds when I heard a loud clunk and clatter of metal carnage. I...