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  1. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    I've been running stock BH 2.0 on my 2015 Commander XT 1000 since new. They lasted really well at close to 12000KMs, i'm satisfied. However, I always felt like it was 'skating' side to side on hard packed dirt roads. I played with tire pressure, suspension settings but only found slight...
  2. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Looking to see if I could get everybody’s opinion on tires. I’m looking at BKT, Outlaw 3 and Motohavok. Which one is the all around best? Price, weight, smooth ride, good for trail and mud, etc.
  3. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    SOLD: Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 R14x27 Tire Set for Sale NOW SOLD. In process of Deleting this post. Brand new set of four 27" Maxis Bighorn 2.0 tires for sale. Front pair are 27x9.00xR14 and Rear pair are 27x11.00xR14. Four tires in total. Rims are NOT INCLUDED. I purchased a new Can-Am...
  4. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I Have parts laying around that i think it is time to start getting rid of. QE Front Diff $400 Sold Front Axles L & R (stock) $100 ea Right Side Sold Rear Axles 2 (Slasher Brand) $100 ea Rear Axle 1 (stock) $100 ea Rear Trailing Arms $150 Upper and Lower A Arms with Bushings and ball joints...
  5. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Hi Just finishing installing a SuperATV 6 in lift kit on my 2015 XTP. Ride mostly winding southern trails-- wet muddy red clay most of the year, a little dusty some days in the summer. Have the stock Maxis Bighorn 2.0 and stock beadlock wheels. Now with the extra clearence --plenty of room to...
  6. Commander MAX
    Just bought a Max over the weekend and looking for some help as to what mods to put on it. We ride the rocky trails of the Ozark National Forest and for sure need to put some type of lift just for the GC. Should I just do the racertech lift? Its seems to get good reviews on here. If I do...
  7. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    I am in the market to buy a set of 14x7 bead lock wheels and a set of pit bull rockers 27.5x11x14 tires(x4)....anyone know who would have the best deals on these either as a package or seperate ...I have been looking at the sti hd5 or the Motorsport alloy m16 vice wheels...looking to make my...
  8. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    I'm in the process of upgrading to a 30" radial outlaw. I know a lot of people run the 14" Diesels, but do any of you guys have trouble with popping the bead off of the rim at lower pressures? I currently run 12 psi in the rear and 10 psi on the front with my stock bighorn 2.0's and have popped...
  9. Commander 1000
    Just bought a new 2013 Commander XT. What is the maximum size tire and wheel I can put on it without lifting or spacers?
  10. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    i have a brand new set of ITP Blackwater Evolution tires for sale. they are 28x10R12 and have never been mounted. these are 8ply and very durable, i decided to go with 30s! asking $600 Obo need to sell ASAP!
  11. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift on my base model commander i currently have 29.5 ols but was wondering if i could clear 31" ols?
  12. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Hey Im new to the side by side world and just bought a commander limited. I want to get some decent mud tires (bigger than stock) but still have the ability to use all the ACS settings. Any advice on how big I can go but still use setting 1 if I need to?
  13. Commander General Discussion
    I really want to put on 29.5" Outlaw 2's but I'm sure they won't fit without some modifications. What has to be done to make these tires fit?
  14. Commander General Discussion
    So I picked up my new Commander on Saturday and LOVE it! but I do have one question. I got the DPS package and it has the Big Horn Tires on it. I like the aggressiveness of the tires but I also want to use the commander for utility work around my property. the Big Horn tires are not easy on the...
  15. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift and i was wondering what is the tallest tires i can fit on my commander without it rubbing
  16. Commander Videos & Pictures
    I just ran across this on Youtube. Check out what these guys did to their commander. And people think spacers will cause pre-mature bearing wear.
  17. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Any suggestions on running outlaws on a commander 1000 base model? If so what size or what does everyone think is the best mud tire...not silverbacks, had issues with those on an artic cat and broke alotta stuff between them and the lift we had. Also, do you have to run a lift with the tire or...
  18. Commander 1000
    We just got a commander and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on running a 2 inch lift on it and if so what lift would be best? Also looking at running outlaws on it. Any suggestions on what size and how well they work if you have ran them or what do you prefer? Skinny or wide tire and...
  19. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Selling my stock 12" x model bighorn 2.0 tires. $250 They are in slc. I can take them to ROTR in moab.
  20. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have 2 pairs of spacers available. A total of 4 spacers. They are solid aluminum and come with all lug nuts. I believe they are Highlifter brand. They were on my Renegade, but I no longer need them. they fit any 4/137 bolt pattern. New they cost over $160, I am asking $120+Shipping...
1-20 of 21 Results