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tie rods

  1. Can't get a break on the steering rack # 5

    Commander General Discussion
    After the latest ride on Virginia Spearhead's Mountain View, I have gone through yet another steering rack. This makes number 4. The first rack/tie rods made it 1200 miles until I decked a hidden tree stump. I then switched over to a SATV Rack boss (after blowing through a poorly designed RT...
  2. RT Pro Tie Rods

    Commander General Discussion
    Installed RT Pro Tie Rods and after about 16 hours noted that the bolt had bent. I did now knowingly hit any hidden boulders or stumps. I called RT Pro and after a discussion was told that their 12mm bolts were made of stainless steel and we're the weak link in their kit (mind you costs $300)...
  3. Steering Failure

    Commander General Discussion
    So I bought a 2012 Commander 1000 a couple weeks ago. Rode it some around the yard and through some trails in my woods. Monday I took it for a real ride in the Allegheny National Forest in NW Pa. It was a beautiful day, not a lot of people out, and started out as a great ride. I rode 35...
  4. Tie rod DIY help

    Projects and How-To
    Hello Folks, Just a few questions for the DIY guys: 1) I was told at my last service at the CAN AM dealership that my tie rods are "loose", however I didn't get them to replace them on this trip. Is this a big job to fix for someone with little to no mechanical exp? - Like I said, they...
  5. Sick Of All The Bad News!!

    Commander General Discussion
    This will be my first post, I've been poking around this site a couple times a week of the last few months and the most i see on here is about things breaking on the new commanders. As i have one coming in next month :)(1000X) i would like to hear from all the guys who have had zero issues from...