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  1. Commander 1000
    After noticing some free play in my steering wheel this past Sunday, I ordered some SuperATV heavy duty tie rods and ends! I may even order some high clearance A-arms eventually!
  2. Commander General Discussion
    Looking for best option to replace tie rods on 2017 Commander 800. Riding in rocky & rough terrain. Factory tie rods are shot at 1400kms. Machine has a 2" lift on it (Highlifter). I hear good things about the RT Pro kit. Anyone with experience they can share? Any tips or concerns with the...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    Installed RT Pro Tie Rods and after about 16 hours noted that the bolt had bent. I did now knowingly hit any hidden boulders or stumps. I called RT Pro and after a discussion was told that their 12mm bolts were made of stainless steel and we're the weak link in their kit (mind you costs $300)...
  4. Commander 1000
    Just picked up my 2013 commander 1000xt yesterday first ride out made it 40km into the trails after brakeing it it motoman style. Noticed my wheel was a little out of whack, must of hit somithin i was going pritty fast. But I got her back home with alot of dickin around and winching. I dout ill...
1-4 of 5 Results