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  1. Steering Stops SATV rack/tie rods?

    Commander 1000
    Installing a Super ATV steering rack (after the first rack/rods was defective) and SATV tie rods. Fearing that the steering rack could get overextended, considering installing steering stops. I'm not too sure how they will cut down on the steering radius and need input of of others and if they...
  2. Steering Recall Announced Jan 10, 2013

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    I received an email from Dave Rudolph of Super Daves Bushings tonight to let me know in a friendly way that there was a recall announced by BRP today. It seems the steering column is improperly connected to the rack and pinion. Here is the link for the announcement. BRP recalls Commander for...
  3. Wicked Bilt Power Steering: Making Order!

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Hey guys sold our last one of the old style! I will be placing an order on the new updated versions!!!! Anyone wanting one please P.M. me for the details. Again these will be the UPDATED models. Looking to make a large order. Let me know if you'd like one and we can discuss pricing! Thanks for...
  4. rackzilla install need help!!

    Commander Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, i'm putting in a new rackzilla this weekend for my commander 1000. (Bent tie rod...surprise surprise). The rackzilla manual says to tighten all the housing nuts/bolts and tube clamp nuts and bolts to 35 ft/lbs. I have the Commander service manual and it says under the rack and pinion...
  5. Wicked Bilt EPS unit

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Two months ago I purchased a Wicked Bilt EPS system that is not working for me(as I have limited strength in my arm due to injury). The steering unit is in excellent working condition, I have only 31 miles on my machine, around 25 of them with the EPS. I am going in a different direction to make...