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  1. Need advice on bringing the unit to the Shop or not

    Commander General Discussion
    Currently, working on may dad's machine to try to get it running. My old man passd away recently, and I have determined that his 2014 Commander 1000 has not ran in a long time. Maybe a couple years since it has been started. Here is what I have done. REPLACED FUEL TANK AND PUMP - Fuel tank...
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  3. Custom message on start-up display

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    I just picked- up a 2011 commander 1000xt w/ rock guards, roof and visor, bed rails, half windshield, and rear screen. Upon start-up I'm getting the old owners name across the display. Does anybody know how to change this. Can't find it in the manual. Any info would be greatly appreciated.