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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Hey guys- First off, this forum is awesome. I have been able to trouble shoot and work on my 2012 1000 XT from reading the posts on here, so thank you! I shredded a belt a few weeks ago and just installed a new one yesterday (OEM belt). While I was in there, I cleaned the clutches and...
  2. Commander 1000
    A few weeks ago we were riding at night, I stopped and killed the engine to sit for a moment, then when I went to start it back, the dash lights just blinked on and off quickly, almost sounding like a bad connection somewhere. I disconnected the battery and Reconnected it, it fired right up...
  3. Commander Performance Modifications
    Its a 2011 Commander 1000x.... It has a knocking noise while idling.... its a constant knocking.... But it has oil and was never ran dry... Does anyone have any idea what it could be without hearing it?!!
  4. Commander Performance Modifications
    I am going to get an exhaust system, but the main thing I want to do before I purchase one is HEAR WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Why is it that a company that makes an exhaust system doesn't have sound clips??? That makes no sense to me at all. Most people have clips on youtube but since these machines...
1-4 of 4 Results