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  1. Softtop and Window Nets for TMW Half Cage Extension

    Commander Roll Cages, Seats and Belts
    Commanders, one and all! I have ordered the TMW Off-Road Can-Am Commander 1/2 Roll Cage for my 2012 XT1000. Now I am looking for a soft-top and side (window) netting for that roll cage. Please let me know if you have found these items for your TMW extension or if you know of anyone that...
  2. 2 questions for you all. Soft tops, Registration

    Commander General Discussion
    2 questions for all you Commander experts. First off, I am wondering about soft tops. I have been researching online, and I am pretty sure I am going to get the Kolpin folding windshield. I am wondering which soft top will go with this. I would prefer one with a hard plastic brim. I am...
  3. Best Soft Top

    Commander General Discussion
    I am looking for a soft top for my X, who has what and how have they performed? Do they leak water? Post up pics if you have them.