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  1. Service/matience

    Commander 800R
    Hey everyone....I have a 2014 800r...How often are you guys doing matience and how often are you greasing it and what are you greasing? How often are you changing the oil? Rear/front diffs? Gear box? My 2014 has 1500 kms on it. It had it first service done at 545 kms. SO I roughly...
  2. Important water/ CVT Info

    Commander General Discussion
    I just got back from a trip from River Ranch (FL) where I went through some deep water (up to my hip). After getting out of the water I immediately felt a loss of power and I kept stalling at low speeds. I figured the belt was just slipping from the water. Unfortunately, when I went in for my...
  3. Water and sand in CVT

    Commander General Discussion
    I just brought my 100XT in for the first service. They found the belt to be glazed and the rollers moved due to white sugar sand (South Florida sand from River Ranch) causing the belt to slip and move. Water also infused itself into the cvt box. I thought this machine was able to go through...