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  1. Commander Performance Modifications
    Hey everyone. Been lurking in the shadows for a couple months now, but first post on the site and as usual, first posts aren't usually good.. lol So here's my problem. So trudging through snow last week, the bolt holding the secondary clutch backed out and grenaded it. The helix and back plate...
  2. Commanders For Sale
    These clutches are brand new for my Commander 1000 Limited. I paid $1600 for them less than a month ago. I put them in, test drove it for less than an hour. I have to sell the Commander so I have put it back to stock. These clutches made my Commander scream!! Rage 3 Primary Can Am STM...
  3. Commander Performance Modifications
    Ok, my secondary came off the other day and bent up my tab washer along with a couple of other parts. So I went to go buy some new parts from can-am website and found something odd. The 1000's don't have the tab washer and the 800's have the tab washer. They both have different thrust washers as...
1-3 of 4 Results