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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am in the market for a roll cage for a 2012 Commander. I'm out of Los Angeles but am willing to pay for shipping if not local. Also, does anyone know if the Maverick cage fits the commander? Lastly, how much work is it to swap the cage out? Dealer wants approx $500 to do the labor...
  2. Commander General Discussion
    We recently purchased 2 Can Am Commander 1000's and discovered a disturbing problem. My wife and I went to a friends house and we parked the machine on a hill. I was driving and I put the machine in park, shut it off, and got out to talk to my friend. My 5 year old son then got in on my wifes...
  3. Commander 1000
    i already know about the different keys that are able to be used for the commander but i would like to know if it would be possible for someone to go to a can am dealer (or even a friend for that matter) and get a key and if that would work in any commander? so i guess my question is basically...
1-3 of 3 Results