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  1. Commander MAX
    Just purchased my first Can Am, a 2017 Commander Max 800R DPS. At the time of purchase, I purchased the Can Am flip up windshield as well as the Lonestar Racing aluminum roof. The dealership didn't have the roof in stock, so it is being shipped to them. I installed the windshield already...
  2. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have a factory plastic roof and soft wind/dust screen. From a 2012 1000x $100 for the roof with all mounting hardware $50 for the wind screen Items located in Denver Colorado Will ship wind screen but not the roof. Thanks for looking Scott
  3. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Can Am Commander Max & Maverick Max 2014 and Newer Sport Roof with Skylight #71500196 Asking $500. Retails for $849 plus tax. Barely used sport roof with holes in front section for lightbar. Holes are currently capped DESCRIPTION Commander MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX 2014 & up Maverick MAX...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    Ok guys I'm a newbie I purchased my commander yesterday. It seemed kinda steep to pay 600 dollars for a piece of plastic. I was looking and thought why couldn't ya buy a sheet alluminum cut it out and bolt it on? Anyways I'm sure if it's been done someone here has done it. Any pics or tips would...
  5. Commander General Discussion
    I am looking for a soft top for my X, who has what and how have they performed? Do they leak water? Post up pics if you have them.
  6. Commander Performance Modifications
    I just picked up my new 2013 X and am having the rear cage and seat installed for the kids. Does anyone have a cover or roof for the rear cage area that they like??
  7. Projects and How-To
    Alright y'all I just bought a 2013xt 1000 commander and I love it so far. Eventually I want to do wheels tires lift and exhaust but for now I really want to put a top on it, I'm thinking I can do it with a little time.. I just wanted to know if anyone has done this or if anyone has any pointers...
  8. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Just bought this, BRP Can-Am 1 Piece Roof, been on for 2 weeks and decided to buy something else. Would like to get $400 and I'll pay shipping to lower 48. Let me know!
  9. Commander General Discussion
    hey guys brand new to the site... picked up the XT and looking for good reviews on hunting products/mounting options and more ... need some feedback 1) guns on the roof vs in the back 2) looking for a shotgun/rifle/bow holder depending what season is here 2) bird hunting dog is going to be...
  10. Commander General Discussion
    Has anybody purchased this roof ? CAN AM COMMANDER HARD TOP ROOF BRAND NEW FREE SHIPPING | eBay Just wondering if it is a good deal or junk.... Also, anyone have any photos they can post?
  11. Commanders For Sale
    We are looking to buy a commander xt - would like it to have a roof and stereo - backseat package would be a plus. We live in BC but can ship it from anywhere in Canada or the US.
  12. Commander Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I want all these things together on the same commander: Full windshield (2-piece one will work) LED Light Bar Full Roof Now besides the factory option (too expensive) and putting the light bar on the front bumper... What are my options?? I really like the roof found at AudioFormz's site, but...
1-12 of 12 Results