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rear seat
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  1. Commander General Discussion
    New to the site, not new to owning my machine. Curious if anyone has a rear seat with or without a roll cage they want to get rid of. Cheers!
  2. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Hello all, Looking to purchase a rear roll cage and seat set-up for my 2011 Commander 1000x. Was just curious if anyone had one lying around they were looking to get rid of at a fair price. I'm located in the middle of South Dakota and would be willing to travel a little bit or work out a...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    Greetings! :) I will be a Commander owner soon. :). The first mod I want to do is add some rear seats. I wanted to get your suggestions/Recommendations on what system is the best... and if the seats are actually useable. Thanks in advance for your response.
  4. Commander Performance Modifications
    I just picked up my new 2013 X and am having the rear cage and seat installed for the kids. Does anyone have a cover or roof for the rear cage area that they like??
  5. Commander 1000
    Has anyone tried the Rear bench seats as of late. I notice there are two and the one that I feel looks more in contour with the Commander is the one from Can-am Commander Roll Cage I like the looks because it is all one unit. I've seen one other one but is that the only two that are...
  6. Commander General Discussion
    Hi Everyone - I put a post on here back in May/June time frame asking for thoughts on buying 2011 or 2012, etc and found it very helpful so thanks for that. I test drove an 800XT Commander today, almost ready to buy one, but have some things in the back of my mind to figure out. I do not need...
1-6 of 6 Results