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  1. Commander General Discussion
    It's difficult to describe, sometimes it feels like the power steering cuts in and out briefly when turning the wheel past the top center. A few times when going very slowly the steering completely locked up. I couldn't turn the wheel left, but it would turn right. I pulled HARD on the wheel and...
  2. Defender General Discussions
    Guys, Recently updated my 2018 Defender XT with S3 Powersports HD Front and Rear Springs. After installing the new springs I lowered the front end down off the jack with little to no compression on the front end and my A-arms are pretty much maxed out. Ever since I have been noticing issues...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    What's the best power steering available for the commanders now?
  4. Commander 1000
    I have a 2014 commander 1000xt, my dps component has been a problem, at first it was stuttering [for lack of a better term], then would work fine . now it has stopped working completely- not the fuse-. anyone have any input or suggestions. thanks for your help
  5. New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Has anyone had problems with fuses blowing. my fuse that controls my gauge lights and power steering keep blowing. they are usually on for the start of plowing snow but an hour into it the fuse blows. is there anything obvious that I should check first? Thanks in advance
  6. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Hey guys sold our last one of the old style! I will be placing an order on the new updated versions!!!! Anyone wanting one please P.M. me for the details. Again these will be the UPDATED models. Looking to make a large order. Let me know if you'd like one and we can discuss pricing! Thanks for...
  7. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Hey guys, we are brand new to the forum but would like to kick it off with a huge sale!! We currently have two brand new 2011-12 Can-Am Commander UTV Electra-Steer Power Steering Kits left and we can ship anywhere in the United States! Please P.M. for special pricing and shipping details...
  8. Commander Videos & Pictures
    It took me a while but here it is I hope it helps.
  9. Commander Performance Modifications
    problem fixed, was loose wire from secondary ground that attached to bracket that hold the power steering bracket. Power steering works great. main pro is no more steering wheel jerking when hitting rock and stumps.
  10. Commander General Discussion
    I am in the process of buying a power steering kit, and looking for reconmendations between the unisteer or wicked Bilt, WB is more expensive, but seems to have more support in the threads. I have a Commander 1000 LTD
  11. Commander General Discussion
    I talked to a Can-Am rep and dealer this weekend about some possible new things coming for 2013. Both told me that something will debut at Mud Nationals this weekend but refused to give me any hints, but that is old news. They did confirm that the 2013 Commanders will have power steering. He...
  12. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    Two months ago I purchased a Wicked Bilt EPS system that is not working for me(as I have limited strength in my arm due to injury). The steering unit is in excellent working condition, I have only 31 miles on my machine, around 25 of them with the EPS. I am going in a different direction to make...
1-12 of 12 Results