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  1. Alpine Flex Plow

    Commander MAX
    So I can score a pretty good deal on an Alpine Flex Plow off an Outlander. It's only 60" so it doesn't give me much width to work with,. Doesn't look like it has any holes for the extension kit. Is it easy to modify it to fit my Commander Max? Can I just get a new mounting kit for it to work or...
  2. Commander & Denali Plow Doing Work!

    Commander General Discussion
    Over the summer I purchased a 72" Denali snow plow from motoalliance with the anticipation that we would get some snow here in Middle Tn. The plow came in and was missing the commander mount so I had to explain to motoallicne they promptly sent one out. When the mount arrived it did not have any...
  3. 800 Commander Plow recommendations

    Commander 800R
    Folks, I have a 2015 800 commander and was wondering what everyone were using for plows. Do anyone have the 60" new plastic plows from Royal Distributing? Click-n-Go Or are you all using the 72" steal or plastic? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I was looking at getting the...
  4. Old plow, New Commander

    Commander General Discussion
    I finally made the switch last week, purchasing a 2015 Commander Max XT. Don't know why I waited so long! Anyways, I kept my Glacier II plow and mount from my old Ranger. Has anyone tried to mount a Glacier II plow to their Commander? Is there a mounting plate available, or would I have to...
  5. Plow with Skid Plates and Bumper

    Bumpers, Skid Plates and Commander Protection
    I have a new 2011 Commander 1000 with full Warn body armour (Skid plates). I want to put a bumper and winch on it, and come winter, I'll want to put a plow on it. The place where I bought it, was offering this four runner style warn bumper and winch at a good price. Will I be able to mount a...