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  1. Commander 800R
    Hello. I'm new to this side by side stuff. Picking up a 2015 Commander 800 XT in a few days. One question I have that Google cannot answer is; what's the best for power in these machines?
  2. Commander Performance Modifications
    Hi guys, I am wondering what type of mods I would need to stay ahead or keep up with a commander 1000 dps stock and Maverick 1000 in the mud. so far I have added a Big Gun Evo U Dual Exhaust Full System with a Dyno Jet Power Commander Tuner. I plan on adding the Low Range Sport Override...
  3. Commander Performance Modifications
    I was at the dealer yesterday and was told that Can Am was working on a factory clutch kit that was going to have the commanders running with the Maverick. Has anyone heard about this with more detail than I got????
  4. Commander Suspension Modifications
    Since one month ago I m studying long travels kit and shocks, I'm from Bolivia, I race Rally in my country, and next year I will race the cross country championship in my country, that the reason so I'm looking for the best kit, please help me to find that, if you were test some kits. I 'm so...
1-4 of 6 Results