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  1. Rolled a commander 1000 XTP

    Commander General Discussion
    Hi all, so sadly the commander XTP has significant body damage and it is not my own. I want to replace the body panels and get this XTP back in tip top shape for the owner. First problem I don't know the exact year, I assume it is a 2014 model and I believe it to be a European model, but not...
  2. Plasti Dip Paint Job

    Projects and How-To
    Well after reading the thread on plasti dip paint I decided to start a new project and change up the color on my commander to matte black. For those who didn't see the first thread by Stiffler, this stuff goes on like regular spray paint but can easily be removed like a vinyl sticker. This way I...
  3. hate yellow want to change

    Commander General Discussion
    How many of ya'll have painted or used plasti dip on you commander? If you have lets see some pics of how it is holding up