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oil change

  1. where is the oil going?

    Commander General Discussion
    I changed the oil and filter on my 2015 Commander Max 1000. I added precisely 2L and directed by the manual. I ran the motor and checked the dipstick. It indicated the correct level. I went for a drive and the low oil warning came on. I pulled the panel and there are no leaks. Now the dipstick...
  2. Service/matience

    Commander 800R
    Hey everyone....I have a 2014 800r...How often are you guys doing matience and how often are you greasing it and what are you greasing? How often are you changing the oil? Rear/front diffs? Gear box? My 2014 has 1500 kms on it. It had it first service done at 545 kms. SO I roughly...