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  1. Question about Knocking noise coming from 2011 Commander 1000x

    Commander Performance Modifications
    Its a 2011 Commander 1000x.... It has a knocking noise while idling.... its a constant knocking.... But it has oil and was never ran dry... Does anyone have any idea what it could be without hearing it?!!
  2. slip yoke has some play?? this normal?

    Commander General Discussion
    I've slowly but surely been trying to diagnose a noise that happened after a rough ride a couple weeks ago on my 2013 xt. (I was awfully mean to my favorite lady) :p I'm thinking it's in the u joints but to sure... I have some play in the rear diff that I'm not sure is normal. I've got...
  3. Noise & Heat

    Commander General Discussion
    Am I the only one who thinks BRP should be responsible to supply a proper method and product to cut down noise/whine and heat? They do a better job on the same problem for their snow machines. I know you guys in snow country do not mind but many of us ride in the south and deserts. My wife...
  4. Drive Shaft Clank??

    Commander General Discussion
    My commander only has about 20 miles on it and I have noticed this clank noise whenever I take of from a dead stop. It is almost like there is to much slack or play in the drive shaft. It happens in either forward or reverse. It might not have anything to do with the drive shaft, but it is my...