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  1. New to UTV's and this forum

    Defender General Discussions
    Decided it was time to get my family outdoors. Picking up a new 2018 Defender Max XT HD10 4 seater tomorrow. Plan to take my wife and daughter out to see this beautiful state of Arkansas (Minnesota native but live in Northwest Arkansas now). I am 6'5" tall and the Defender was the only UTV I...
  2. New buyer

    Commander 1000
    I am looking at a 2017 Can-Am Commander Max XT 1000. It has 30.6 hours and 323 miles on it. It has a few aftermarket items such as front and rear windshields, can am roof, MTX sound bar, and a second set of MSA wheels and tires (almost street like) that are 30s. Minimal scratches on it and it...
  3. Greetings from Southern Idaho

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    I just brought home my 2014 Commander XTP yesterday afternoon and I'm getting ready to head out today for some more fun. This is my first ATV/UTV and can't wait to get some more time behind the wheel. Thanks to all on this forum for helping me decide on the Commander. I'm sure I will have a ton...
  4. What to Buy!? 800 or 1000?

    Commander Electric
    Ok, I am new here so I hope I am doing this right...? I Currently have a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx, which recently the motor just shot craps on me.:icon_ nono2: I think they have them bundled up too much, not enough air... Anyway... At 500hrs I didn't expect this so Ive decided I'm trading for a...
  5. New from Mississippi!!!

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Hello just joined I have a 2012 commander xt 1000 and I am from Hernando Mississippi.
  6. New member and have some questions

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Hello folks, I just joined the forums yesterday and spent some of the afternoon browsing posts. All very informative and helpful. I just purchased a 2013 Commander X (carbon fiber finish) this week and have been having a blast. Completly walks all over my buddies wheelers and side by sides; oh...
  7. Commander for work and play

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    After doing a lot of research and shopping around, I brought home a "new" 2011 Can Am Commander 1000 last week. New is in quotes because it was a demo unit from a local dealer with 30 hours/~300 miles on it. It came with a wrap around graphics package, Muzzy black box, and full underbelly rock...
  8. Pulled the trigger, now have new 800XT

    Commander 800R
    Thought I would pass on the good news to all of you on the forum, I ended up buying a 2011 800XT that has 19hrs on it. Thought I got a great deal on it and debated back and forth about buying it or 1000. Came down to buying a new 1000 would have taken much more money and I don't need the extra...
  9. New Commander check list.

    Commander General Discussion
    Welcome, If you are going to pick up a new Commander, here are some things to think about and check for. As far as at the dealer, check everything very close from scratches, direction the shocks are installed (many are upside down), stickers (some need to be replaced), bolt heads you can...
  10. New Commander owner in West Virginia

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Hello everyone, i have been waiting months to get my commander XT, and should have been waiting longer. But my local dealership made me a deal on a base model so i jumped on it. It will be and XT shortly, I have all the parts coming in soon. So it all works out, i couldn't wait any longer. All i...