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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Fixing to make a purchase on a 2020 Commander Max 800 Was wanting your guys input on what I should do first thing as far as mods? Any info is welcome
  2. Commander Performance Modifications
    I have been reading all over about different experiences with a 2" highlifter lift and doing 2" spacer all the way around. I wanted to post to see if it is truly worth it. We have a completely stock 2016 commander max and have been playing with the idea for quite some time. We are mostly trail...
  3. Commander MAX
    Just bought a Max over the weekend and looking for some help as to what mods to put on it. We ride the rocky trails of the Ozark National Forest and for sure need to put some type of lift just for the GC. Should I just do the racertech lift? Its seems to get good reviews on here. If I do...