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  1. Commander Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Just finished installing the ryco street legal kit on the max xt and it went pretty well and easy enough, it was my first kit install. I added the chasing accent signal running lights up front.
  2. New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Just purchased a 21 max dps. Does this site have any threads for 21+ models? Seems like some of the body stuff is very limited still for aftermarket, i.e. bumpers, etc. Also I have that shaft/bearing vibration that started 1 miles from my house. Other than that, I love this thing.
  3. Commander MAX
    Just purchased my first Can Am, a 2017 Commander Max 800R DPS. At the time of purchase, I purchased the Can Am flip up windshield as well as the Lonestar Racing aluminum roof. The dealership didn't have the roof in stock, so it is being shipped to them. I installed the windshield already...
  4. Commander MAX
    I just bought a 2016 Can Am Commander Max 800R DPS and I am having trouble finding a snorkel kit for it. Does anyone make a snorkel kit for this model? I have seen many kits for older models and mainly 2 seaters. I know some may fabricate their own but with my busy work schedule any free time I...
  5. Commander MAX
    Brought a new max ltd home yesterday. Rode it for 30 mins or so and got a pinhole leak in back passenger side tire. Had stuff to do so just parked it for the evening. This morning i fixed the tire, cut it on, hooked up a 12v air compressor, turned on the radio, and proceeded to put air in the...
  6. Commanders For Sale
    i have a 2014 commander for sale. it currently has 488 miles and 100 hours on the clock. i have just changed the oil and greased all the joints all with can am oil and grease. it has a spring lift kit and a soft top. Has a horn, mirror and turn signals installed. Sorry for the upside down...
  7. Commander MAX
    I'm trying to put on the racetech 2" lift with springs. I've got all corners done except the rear passenger side. There is a hose obstructing where the u bracket support is supposed to go. Did they send me the wrong kit? It says commander but they told me it would work on the max. Any help...
  8. Team FAS Motorsports
    June Viper Winch Sale. Kits available with options of Cable, Rope, Machine Specific Mounts wireless controllers. Inbox today for a quote. 3000 - 5000 Lbs. Kits available. Special Group Pricing and FREE SHIPPING.
  9. Team FAS Motorsports
    This Month we will be Running a Mega Sale on all Viper Series Winches. We can price and package them with Synthetic rope, Mounts etc. If your in the Market for a Winch please feel free to request a quote. Prices ar off the hook right now! Sale Ends Last day of March - JT
1-10 of 10 Results