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  1. Using maverick rhino axles for commander

    Commander Suspension Modifications
    Hey guys, has anybody heard about using maverick rhino axles for commanders with a CATVOS lift? Heard a few people talking about it but they couldn’t tell me specifically what kind of maverick axle it was. Any help?
  2. Commander forums discount code

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  3. Looking for Commander Roll Cage

    Commander General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am in the market for a roll cage for a 2012 Commander. I'm out of Los Angeles but am willing to pay for shipping if not local. Also, does anyone know if the Maverick cage fits the commander? Lastly, how much work is it to swap the cage out? Dealer wants approx $500 to do the labor...
  4. Commander Seat - PRP
    PRP’s most popular seat made to fit the Maverick and Commander series of vehicles. We carry PRP Seats and they offer many options, from custom colors to lumber support and heated seats. We offer a discount to our forum members. Give us a call and we can help you out, even if it is not about...
  5. wanted to buy used or damaged or not running comander or maverick

    Commander 1000
    im looking for a commander 1000 or maverick i dont care if its wrecked swamped not running , or apart , any condition as long as the price is right for condition i have cash ,, or trades and cash up to you , let me know
  6. Cage design thoughts

    Commander General Discussion
    Here is a cage I just designed for a Maverick. Should I keep the same design styling for the Commander. Any thoughts on this.
  7. CASH IN HAND: Looking for 2012 & up Commander 1000 X or Maverick XRS in NC!

    Commanders For Sale
    Hello guys, I am in the market for a 2012 or newer Commander 1000 X or Maverick XRS in NC. I am located in Statesville, NC and looking to purchase within the next couple weeks. I will have cash. Please contact me at [email protected] or 704-902-8486. Thanks! :commanderroll:
  8. Factory Can Am Clutch Kit

    Commander Performance Modifications
    I was at the dealer yesterday and was told that Can Am was working on a factory clutch kit that was going to have the commanders running with the Maverick. Has anyone heard about this with more detail than I got????
  9. Nasty 2013 Maverick 1000R

    Other Side by Side Vehicles
    Its 4.3 litres or 1.1 us gallon. Not sure how its mixed at the factory, likely 50/50, so depending on how much you lost and how cold its going to get you may or may not have an issue. Good luck!
  10. New 2013 belt, better than aftermarket belts?

    Commander General Discussion
    I read that CanAm has a different better belt in the 2013 Maverick model that is of higher quality than the current and will fit in the older models. Any opinions as to whether the new belt would be the one to go with or an aftermarket belt?