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  1. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Looking for a copy of the installation manual for the Apache 360LT track system. Anyone have a copy to share? Thanks, J
  2. Commander General Discussion
    I have a huge collection of Service Manuals. You can contact me directly at pleasanthilloffroad at Folder PATH listing for volume MANUALS K:. | Polaris%20Publications%20Manual.pdf | Polaris_Publications_Manual.pdf | ManualList.txt | +---ArticCat | |...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    I have submitted my request/idea. I believe BRP will offer a manual selectable locker in the future, lets make sure they know we want it now, and compatable for all year models! My submitted request to BRP is as follows, A real front differential locker for my machine. I understand there would...
  4. New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    Just got 2013 commander in red, dealer had a sport roof he threw in on the deal. The catch was no directions on how to install. Anyone got a manual or pictures? Love the machine, sold my ranger this morning... new commander by afternoons end!!
  5. Commander General Discussion
    Now we know that GKN is the manufacturer of Can Am's Visco Lok front diff. We also know that GKN has already developed selectable diff lock technology that can be added to any of their diff units (including the Visco Lok). Are YOU asking Can Am to add a manually selectable front diff...
  6. Commander General Discussion
    Edit/Update: A new poll has been posted that no longer asks about spending 1K on an aftermarket locker. Please vote at this new poll if you want Can Am to add a manually selectable front diff lock...
1-6 of 6 Results