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  1. Projects and How-To
    help please for the last week when i stop and let my commander idle either in gear or park it will throw the check engine light on then after 15 seconds or so the engine will surge down once and throw the limp home mode on. if i shut it off then restart it and drive it runs fine and clears the...
  2. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2011 1000xt the gauge that shows the temp. i notice has been running almost all the way up when i hammer it and running 65-74mph than if i keep on it, it goes in to HI-TEMP limp home mode check engine light comes on. So i changed the air filter and added a little fluid b/c it was a...
  3. Commander Performance Modifications
    Ok guys only had my 1000X for a few weeks and plugged the rad several times causing temp to send me in to limp home mode. So this is my plan. Hood mounted rad in series with stock using the Outlander 1000 rad and relocate kit. Will install BRP hood rack then install Rad and Relocate kit to...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    Any ideas, After about 10 hours on my 1000 XT I was driving along about 65 MPH on a simi bumpy dirt road in 2x4 and got a flashing engine light and a message across the screen "LIMP HOME MODE". The temp was good and so I shut it down and checked the engine oil, that was good too. So when I...
1-4 of 4 Results