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  1. Commander Suspension Modifications
    Hi, new guy from NC. First sxs but have owned a metric shit ton of atvs. 2020 1000XT. Like it pretty good so far but rides pretty rough and some can am quality control concerns keep me from saying I love it. So Stock rose pretty stiff, superatv 2.5 shocks turned down rides ever so slightly...
  2. Commander 1000
    2018 commander 1000r. RT Pro lift doesn’t show the 2018 model. Will it work? Any install suggestions if it does work?
  3. Commander Suspension Modifications
    So I am new to the Can-am community and I have the 2018 Mossy Oak 1000 Commander and would like to get extra ground clearance. I am leaning towards the SuperATV 2.5" lift and was wondering how big of a tire can I go with once I put the lift on without needing to change any other suspension...
  4. Commander Performance Modifications
    I have been reading all over about different experiences with a 2" highlifter lift and doing 2" spacer all the way around. I wanted to post to see if it is truly worth it. We have a completely stock 2016 commander max and have been playing with the idea for quite some time. We are mostly trail...
  5. Commander Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Hi Just finishing installing a SuperATV 6 in lift kit on my 2015 XTP. Ride mostly winding southern trails-- wet muddy red clay most of the year, a little dusty some days in the summer. Have the stock Maxis Bighorn 2.0 and stock beadlock wheels. Now with the extra clearence --plenty of room to...
  6. Commander MAX
    Just bought a Max over the weekend and looking for some help as to what mods to put on it. We ride the rocky trails of the Ozark National Forest and for sure need to put some type of lift just for the GC. Should I just do the racertech lift? Its seems to get good reviews on here. If I do...
  7. Commander Suspension Modifications
    I am new to the sxs world and am looking into raising mine about 2 inches. Was wondering what lift is one of the better ways and if the lift will cause too much stress on other parts. I anytime you lift something you change the angles and wear. I just dont wanna be breaking things all the time...
  8. Commander Suspension Modifications
    Alright y'all I've been thinking and can't seem to find any info on the topic. I've been toying around with the idea of putting a 6" catvos lift on my bike with a 3" puck lift and custom axles. Other than axles,brake, and vent line issues do y'all think it's possible?? It'd make a huge commander...
  9. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift on my base model commander i currently have 29.5 ols but was wondering if i could clear 31" ols?
  10. Commander General Discussion
    I really want to put on 29.5" Outlaw 2's but I'm sure they won't fit without some modifications. What has to be done to make these tires fit?
  11. Commander General Discussion
    I have a 2" lift and i was wondering what is the tallest tires i can fit on my commander without it rubbing
  12. Commander Performance Modifications
    Just as the title say. What is everyone's experience, what are the advantages or disadvantages of the two? I would love to here your thoughts.
  13. Commander Suspension Modifications
    I am looking to buy either a 4inch or 6inch Commander lift. Let me know what you got. :commander:
  14. Commander General Discussion
    I recently lifted my 800xt 2" . I have read that spacing the wheels will help counter the higher ride center of gravity . Should I do maybe 1 1/4" ? Also are there differences on doing just spacers on the back end ?
  15. Commander Suspension Modifications
    Ok so is anyone running any big lift kits on their commanders, like maybe a 6 inch lift? We have the 2.5 lift on ours but have seen a few with the 6 and they look really good but we've not gotten to talk to anyone and they were pretty expensive so we just didn't even consider it...
  16. Commander Suspension Modifications
    my buddy got my 6 inch super atv lift installed.. i am at work in the gulf of mexico right now, but i will be home wednesday and 31's on chrome diesels will be going on it.. cant wait to try it out..
  17. Commander Suspension Modifications
    my buddy got my 6 inch super atv lift installed.. i am at work in the gulf of mexico right now, but i will be home wednesday and 31's on chrome diesels will be going on it.. cant wait to try it out..
  18. Commander 1000
    We just got a commander and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on running a 2 inch lift on it and if so what lift would be best? Also looking at running outlaws on it. Any suggestions on what size and how well they work if you have ran them or what do you prefer? Skinny or wide tire and...
1-18 of 18 Results