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headlights not working
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  1. Commander 1000
    A few weeks ago we were riding at night, I stopped and killed the engine to sit for a moment, then when I went to start it back, the dash lights just blinked on and off quickly, almost sounding like a bad connection somewhere. I disconnected the battery and Reconnected it, it fired right up...
  2. Commander MAX
    My commanders check engine light just came on and stayed on. Also I all of a sudden have no headlights. Nothing else seems to be wrong. No loss of power. Any advice? Thank u
  3. Commander General Discussion
    Got a question that I hope someone can help with. 2012 commander 1000. Last night the headlights quit working and the service engine light came on. Noticed the toggle switches are no longer illuminated either. If the key switch is moved to the position where headlights are not on then the...
1-3 of 3 Results