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  1. Commander General Discussion
    Does Garmin have a trail map for riding? I currently use Polaris Ride Command, but looking for a better option than an app on my phone. What is everyone using that works best for them? :noupstoday01: :commander:
  2. Commander Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Is there a fuse for the gps and stereo panel? I lost the GPS power and now the stereo has no power. Haven't dug too far into it but wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
  3. Commander General Discussion
    I have been looking Trail Masters GPS downloadable maps for my Montana 600. The maps look very impresive on their web site. I am looking at Maine, snowmobile and ATV. Does anyne have any experience with these maps.
  4. Commander General Discussion
    I just got a Garmin here a few weeks ago and have been poking around looking for trail maps to load in the area my wife and I like to ride. I was thinking how it might be a worth while effort to start a thread and have people share a favourite GPS file trail ride, maybe even with pictures...
  5. Commander General Discussion
    I created a group on the "SPOT Adventures" site. From the site you see GPS tracks mapped out showing the contributors route, pictures and thier stories. In addition you can download the GPS tracks to you your own mapping program or GPS device. "SPOT" if you don't know it is a personal GPS...
1-5 of 5 Results