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    New Fuel tank/fuel pump from Can Am.....actually purchased from Partzilla at a cost of $800. This includes the rollover valve, small parts and pieces (neoprene pads, o-ring and rubber mounts). Part number for the tank - 709000753. Fuel pump part number - 709000759.
  2. Commander General Discussion
    Has anyone found a replacement for the float on the fuel pump? I know there is a fuel pump assembly in the threads but I have seen comments where several just replaced the float but can't locate a source.
  3. Commander General Discussion
    2013 Commander 1000 X Has never failed me until today. Went riding with my daughter. Stopped to do some site seeing, got back in fired it up put it in reverse went maybe 6 feet and died. Will not crank.... tried 10 times to start it. It just turns over and over... took out the air cleaner...
  4. Commander 1000
    17 Commander: Gas gauge will read 1 bar (from empty) and the gas light will illuminate on the dash - but there is a solid 5 gallons in the gas tank. I think that the gas light will come on at 2 or 3 bars from empty when there is still 6 gallons in the tank. Is this a fuel sender issue? How...
  5. Commander General Discussion
    Hey. Love this forum. I learned that with fuse blowing usually its the fuel pump being the culprit. I did what others did and replaced it with the O'Reilly pump and filter. It does just like it did before. It'll start with a new fuse. If I let it idle, blows the fuse quick (higher current on...
  6. Commander General Discussion
    My fuel pump is blowing fuses. Its a 2013 1000 Xt. I have to fuse it with a 7.5 amp to keep it running and it works fine. I am thinking of getting a rebuild kit to try and get it running back on a 5 amp fuse. My question is which rebuild kit is everyone using. I found one with High Flow...
1-6 of 6 Results