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  1. Commander 800R
    Looking for some advice on removing the front drive shaft. Looking to replace the u joints. Thanks,
  2. Projects and How-To
    I just installed a new front axle half-shaft in my 2012 Commander XT and I am not sure if this looks right so I was hoping someone could confrim if it is pushed into the front differential enough. I pushed it as hard as I possibly could and this is as far as it would go. The boot is just under...
  3. Commander 800R
    Hey everyone....I have a 2014 800r...How often are you guys doing matience and how often are you greasing it and what are you greasing? How often are you changing the oil? Rear/front diffs? Gear box? My 2014 has 1500 kms on it. It had it first service done at 545 kms. SO I roughly...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    First, I remember seeing a youtube video that was linked on here awhile back that had a commander stuck in a marsh like field with the front tires spinning and then 4wd disengages and you hear the front diff start to I really would like it if somebody knew what thread it was...
  5. Commander 1000
    Hi, Guyz I have a problem with my NEW CanAm Commander 1000x, from the first ride , its sound and looks like it was on 4x4, but it doesn't. The switch is in OFF position. I took the commander to the BRP workshop and they put their scanner and everything figure OK!! But the Commander is LOCK...
1-5 of 5 Results