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  1. Commander Performance Modifications
    New to the forum. I have 21 Commander Max XT. I've built it up alot but want to have better sound exhaust plus few more hp. I have a chance to get a 2020 Maverick X3 take off exhaust. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a X3 exhaust on latest Gen of Commander? I know the exhaust tip will come out...
  2. Commander Performance Modifications
    I duck hunt and the exhaust is so low on the 2014 commander i don't want to risk any back flow of water into the exhaust pipe. would welding an extension to the exhaust, such as a 90 up to below the bed and a 90 back out, mess anything up as far as performance wise?
  3. Commander Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on whether or not dual exhaust will add extra HP. I added Big Gun Evo U Dual Exhaust Full System with a Dyno Jet Power Commander Tuner and K&N Filter. Big Gun's Website just says "Massive HP and Torque Gains" while other companies such as HMF...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    I looked on there page and can't find a exhaust for a commander. I ve read and seen some on you tube. Whats the scoop are ppl modifying a outlander pipes and putting on a commander or what? Let me know where ya get the lte at surly I'm missing something and they make them .
  5. Commander Performance Modifications
    Looney Tuned Exhaust just emailed me a picture and pricing for their new exhaust for the Commander. If it is anything like their other exhaust for the Can-Ams it will be top of the line.
  6. Commander Performance Modifications
    I am going to get an exhaust system, but the main thing I want to do before I purchase one is HEAR WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. Why is it that a company that makes an exhaust system doesn't have sound clips??? That makes no sense to me at all. Most people have clips on youtube but since these machines...
1-6 of 6 Results