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  1. 2019 Commander DPS 1000R - $9000!!! - Southwest ORV

    Commander 1000
    Hello folks, For the past few years I've been very active in the Honda forums, both for ATVs and SxS. However, yesterday I purchased the very first Can-Am I have ever owned, and added it to the Southwest ORV T&E fleet, so I will now be joining your community. I had intended to purchase a BRAND...
  2. Safety Recall Campaign on 2013 Can-Am Commander Side by Side vehicles with DPS.

    Commander General Discussion
    Hi everyone, My name is Steve and I'm the Social Consumer Experience Lead here at BRP. A safety recall campaign on 2013 Can-Am Commander Side by Side vehicles with DPS is being performed by BRP. On these models, the steering coupling splines may strip on the rack and pinion. All 2013 Can-Am...
  3. DPS Steering problem

    Commander 1000
    I have a 2014 commander 1000xt, my dps component has been a problem, at first it was stuttering [for lack of a better term], then would work fine . now it has stopped working completely- not the fuse-. anyone have any input or suggestions. thanks for your help