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  1. Can Am Commander did I screw up?

    Commander 1000
    This is my first time posting in a forum, so hopefully I’m posting in the right place... But after reading post in forums the last couple days I am extremely worried I screwed up buying a Can Am. I just purchased a new 2019 Can Am Commander Max XT 1000R from Schronce in Taylorsville NC. I pick...
  2. Commander Parts For Sale

    Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I Have parts laying around that i think it is time to start getting rid of. QE Front Diff $400 Sold Front Axles L & R (stock) $100 ea Right Side Sold Rear Axles 2 (Slasher Brand) $100 ea Rear Axle 1 (stock) $100 ea Rear Trailing Arms $150 Upper and Lower A Arms with Bushings and ball joints...
  3. Electronic Differential

    New Member Introductions & Site Assistance
    For anyone who has one. I strongly suggest never doing any lift mods with it. I purchased longer trailing arms and front a arms so I could fit 32 terms on mine and it wasn't until i went to put the new extended axels I purchased I realized that the CV joints are completely different in the...
  4. front and rear differential

    Commander 800R
    Was wondering if there was an alternative to gear oil that can be used in the front and rear. Like slip or not and what weight..don't mind buying the can am brands but always trying to save cost if I can and easier to obtain. Mine is 2011 model so.I don't have a warranty to worry...
  5. So ya broke an axle / diff !

    Commander General Discussion
    I have to admit I am not as seasoned a Commander rider as the rest of you but I am not having an easy time understanding the physics and bad luck that were at play when you broke them. These things look beefy to me and I know many of you would disagree with me on that . . . . but I really want...
  6. Rear Diff noise solution(Worked for me)

    Commander 1000
    Since I bought my commander X everything was great, but it had a weird sound when speeding up but I didn´t do anything. Then it started to increase and became louder, so it started to annoy me and I started searching for any possible "solutions", tried a couple of them but didn't work. Then...
  7. Blown Transmission

    Commander General Discussion
    UPDATE: NOT a Blown Transmission Just got back from a trip to Glamis, left early due to what I am assuming is a blown transmission. I was on my way to the drags from the washes and about 2-3 miles deep in the big dunes behind Olds when I heard a loud clunk and clatter of metal carnage. I...