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  1. Commander Parts and Products For Sale
    I have for sale a lightly used rear differential. I ordered it for a 2011 and found out quickly it doesn’t bolt up. Price is obo
    $525 USD
  2. Commander 1000
    Hi everyone, new guy here. I bought a 2013 1000x about a year ago and love it... except for the heat and that transmission screaming in my ear. I'm in the process of addressing those problems when I have some spare time. My question is about replacing the driveshafts. The previous owner must...
  3. Commander General Discussion
    I have submitted my request/idea. I believe BRP will offer a manual selectable locker in the future, lets make sure they know we want it now, and compatable for all year models! My submitted request to BRP is as follows, A real front differential locker for my machine. I understand there would...
  4. Commander General Discussion
    I have to admit I am not as seasoned a Commander rider as the rest of you but I am not having an easy time understanding the physics and bad luck that were at play when you broke them. These things look beefy to me and I know many of you would disagree with me on that . . . . but I really want...
  5. Commander General Discussion
    Now we know that GKN is the manufacturer of Can Am's Visco Lok front diff. We also know that GKN has already developed selectable diff lock technology that can be added to any of their diff units (including the Visco Lok). Are YOU asking Can Am to add a manually selectable front diff...
  6. Commander General Discussion
    Edit/Update: A new poll has been posted that no longer asks about spending 1K on an aftermarket locker. Please vote at this new poll if you want Can Am to add a manually selectable front diff lock...
1-6 of 6 Results