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  1. Defender General Discussions
    I've got a 2919 defender. It's started intermittently dying as I'm driving with no loss of electrical power. Doesn't matter the speed or the power setting. Seems pretty consistent that it dies every 3 miles or so. Once it dies, I shut the key off for a min then it starts right back up. It...
  2. Defender General Discussions
    I just purchased my HD5 this weekend and it will not run over 26mph I have seen multiple that run 40-50 mph please help
  3. Defender General Discussions
    Guys, Recently updated my 2018 Defender XT with S3 Powersports HD Front and Rear Springs. After installing the new springs I lowered the front end down off the jack with little to no compression on the front end and my A-arms are pretty much maxed out. Ever since I have been noticing issues...
  4. Defender General Discussions
    SOLD! I have a brand new, in the box Clearly Tough folding windshield for sale for a Can-Am Defender. Mint of course as it's brand new. I'm selling my 2018 Can-Am Defender Max XT so don't need it anymore. Can-Am Defender Full Folding Windshield I paid $429.99 but I'm asking $329 plus $30...
  5. Defender General Discussions
    Decided it was time to get my family outdoors. Picking up a new 2018 Defender Max XT HD10 4 seater tomorrow. Plan to take my wife and daughter out to see this beautiful state of Arkansas (Minnesota native but live in Northwest Arkansas now). I am 6'5" tall and the Defender was the only UTV I...
  6. Defender General Discussions
    Hey! I am new to the forum and own a 2018 Defender Max XT. I was wondering what everyone is doing regarding oil changes and greasing suspensions. Are y'all using the OEM oil and lube or are y'all getting a cheaper equivalent? I was raised to use the same oil for every piece of equipment that was...
  7. Defender General Discussions
    Cheers all. Newish owner of a 2017 Can-Am Defender Max XT Camo HD8. Love the machine and use it to access all of my farm and use every bit of it's capability. It truly is the most impressively smooth riding machine that I've ever owned. Installed a dual battery and controller, a 20" LED...
  8. Defender General Discussions
    I just installed the 360 LT tracks on my 2017 Defender HD10. I was wondering if there is a track mode or a need to switch the speedo to adjust the speed/kms for using the tracks. My old commander had a module and I switched it but I don't see that option with a defender. Any help would be great.
1-8 of 8 Results