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  1. Custom message on start-up display

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    I just picked- up a 2011 commander 1000xt w/ rock guards, roof and visor, bed rails, half windshield, and rear screen. Upon start-up I'm getting the old owners name across the display. Does anybody know how to change this. Can't find it in the manual. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. For Sale: Custom CATVOS'd 2011 Commander XT

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    Custom CATVOS'd 2011 Commander XT **SOLD** 2011 Can Am Commander XT For Sale - Red Bought in February 2011 -----480 Miles Gen II 4" CATVOS Lift with Gorilla Axles and CATVOS Spring Spacers -----20" Ground Clearance Like New 32" Terminators & MSA Black Diesels Custom Front Bumper & Tailgate -...
  3. keys to commander 1000

    Commander 1000
    i already know about the different keys that are able to be used for the commander but i would like to know if it would be possible for someone to go to a can am dealer (or even a friend for that matter) and get a key and if that would work in any commander? so i guess my question is basically...